Career opportunities in digital marketing

Throughout learning about Internet/Digital Marketing, I realized there are so many topics and areas of interest. I wanted to research what kind of jobs are in this field, what the responsibilities are, and their salary. Of course there are many more jobs, and different variations on titles, but this is a small sample of possible careers.

The first job is an SEO Manager. These people are responsible for generating traffic to the company’s website[1], evaluating performance of SEO strategies[2], researching appropriate keywords[3], and more. An actual job listing from LXV Outdoor on Indeed stated they want their SEO/Digital Marketing Manager to “develop and implement strategies to achieve maximum ROI in paid search campaigns[4]” and “develop, manage and optimize digital marketing campaigns, continually improving online presence. The median salary of an SEO manager as of October 2016 was $64,358.[5]

Next is a Social Media Manager. Their responsibilities include increasing brand’s presence on social media platforms and engaging with customers.[6] A job listing from Simplehuman on Indeed listed some responsibilities as increasing engagement and traffic to their website, measuring success of social campaigns, and keeping up-to-date on social media and technology trends.[7] Their median salary is $46,984.[8]

Although the LXV Outdoor job title lumped SEO and Digital Marketing together, a Forbes article differentiates the two. According to the article, Digital Marketing Managers plan a little bit of everything for online strategies, like SEO, social media, email, and mobile.[9] They have a median salary of $62,352.[10]

The last job is a Digital Marketing Analyst. They track success of digital marketing campaigns using data-driven methods.[11] A job posting for Torrid wants their digital marketing analyst to create and launch digital marketing campaigns and optimize paid and organic search strategy, among others.[12] Their median salary is $58,970.[13]




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