How to advertise on Pinterest and Tumblr

Although Pinterest and Tumblr are fairly large social media sites, they do not really scream “ad revenue.” Personally, I had no idea how one can advertise on Tumblr before I wrote this post, and Pinterest ads are not as obvious as traditional ones.


To my surprise, the average Pin is 100 times more shareable and spreadable than the average Tweet.[1] Additionally, it was revealed that bloggers receive a large portion of their traffic from Pinterest.[2] Now thinking about it, most links I follow from Pinterest are to blogs, whether it be DIY projects, recipes, or makeup tutorials. .

Here are a few tips from bloggers:

  • Post frequently throughout the day. This allows businesses to maintain their presence on the social media platform.[3]
  • Support other influencers.[4]
  • Have a branded board.[5]
  • Use long images. One blogger stated posting longer images, as in size, get more attention and can increase repins. [6]
  • Join group-boards for extra exposure.[7]


Tumblr is similar to Pinterest in that mostly visuals are posted.  With that being said, users are more likely to respond to photos, videos, and GIFs.[8] According to an article on We Are Social Media, 70% of consumers have a more positive perception of a brand after seeing a sponsored post on Tumblr.[9] Sponsored posts are also likely to look “native,” meaning they look like a regular post[10], which can be good if users are put off by paid ads.

Here are types of paid Tumblr posts:

  • Sponsored web posts: these are simply posts that appear in a news feed on a desktop or laptop.[11]
  • Sponsored mobile posts: these are the same as web posts, but on a mobile device.[12]
  • Sponsored trending blogs: if you submit three representative posts, they are considered trending.[13]
  • Sponsored spotlight: Tumblr can choose your post to display as a spotlight.[14]


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