Multi-taskers and multi-screeners

In this blog post, I will be commenting on an article written by Brian Solis, titled, “We are now a society of multi-taskers and multi-screeners.”

Being a 21 year old, I grew up with computers and cell phones, but they were not as high-tech as they are today. Despite my young age, I have lived through a portion of the evolution of cell phones, televisions, and computers. In recent years, I have noticed my dependence on technology, especially my phone, has increased. And my ability to focus on one thing is almost dead and gone.

Throughout writing this post, I picked up my phone at least three times and went through it to see if there was anything new – there wasn’t. I find it harder every day not be on multiple screens. If I am watching TV, I am on my phone. If I am on my laptop, I am on my phone.

Brian’s article mentions that 90% of total media interactions are screen-based, and that radio, newspapers, and magazines are dying.[1] This statistic is not surprising, and I have personally witnessed the decline in radio. Most of my friends play Spotify in their car, and even my mom listens to Amazon Prime music. I only listen to the radio because I do not have the money or the technology to play my own music in my car – I still have to purchase music on iTunes and burn a CD.

An aspect I found interesting in Brian’s article is sequential usage. An example of sequential usage is searching for something on your phone, then completing the task on your laptop.[2] One of the most popular tasks is online shopping, which I am guilty of. I browse through a clothing website, usually while watching TV, see something I want to buy, but then I move to my laptop to actually make the purchase. This is very interesting to me because smartphones are supposed to make everything easier and more convenient, but I find myself uncomfortable at the thought of purchasing an item through my phone.

I am curious to see the continued evolution of technology, and how it affects the way we live.



[2] Ibid





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